Leftist post-Christian Rowan Williams to resign as Bishop of Canterbury


We wondered why he was visiting the Vatican last week. The Telegraph:

Dr Williams, 61, will leave at the end of December to take up a new role as Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge next January. The Queen, Supreme Governor of the Church of England, has been informed.

His reign has been plagued by bitter rows over gay clergy and women bishops that have left him struggling to prevent the Church from unravelling.

Explaining his reasons for leaving, Dr Williams admitted that “crisis management” was not his “favourite activity” but denied the rows over homosexuality had “overshadowed everything”.

But he said: “It has certainly been a major nuisance. But in every job that you are in there are controversies and conflicts and this one isn’t going to go away in a hurry. I can’t say that it is a great sense of ‘free at last’.”

Dr Williams said his successor would need the “constitution of an ox and the skin of a rhinoceros”.

Looking forward to Rowan Williams' "Why I am leaving the Church of England" op-ed.

— James Ball (@jamesrbuk) March 16, 2012

Leader: The government needs to know how afraid people are Rowan Williams http://t.co/wf7qtRto

— Tony Thomas (@GreeGreece) March 16, 2012

RT @Ed_Miliband: Rowan Williams will be sorely missed; did what he said he’d do – challenge the imagination of our country. > Hilarious

— Iain Dale (@IainDale) March 16, 2012

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, announces he is to stand down in December – here's our Profile of him: http://t.co/cvgvotcT

— BBC Radio 4 (@BBCRadio4) March 16, 2012

Praise Be to God: Red Rowan Williams, the communist who managed to infiltrate the very top of the Church of Eng… http://t.co/7145NLFH

— Guido Fawkes (@GuidoFawkes) March 16, 2012

Archbishop Nichols pays tribute to Dr Rowan Williams http://t.co/oyoW3yHa via @catholicherald

— Catholic Blogs (@catholicbloggs) March 16, 2012

Here’s a snippet from Iowahawk’s hilarious Canterbury Tales parody on the Archbishop:

That didn’t take long:

Man bored of leading thing that doesn't matter: A MAN who led a thing that doesn't matter for 10 years has becom… http://t.co/3AwD7GgV

— FrikkinWeirdNews (@FrikkinWeird) March 16, 2012

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