This Man’s Passion In Life Is Letting Deadly Snakes Bite Him

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Tim Friede is nothing like most people. Most people dislike snakes, or at least keep their distance from the creepy creatures. This 37-year-old scientific researcher, however, houses multiple snakes in his home and lets them bite him as part of his research. In some instances, he actually coaxes deadly and poisonous snakes to dig in so that he can see the effects that these bites have on the human body.

It seems weird, but his research has actually saved lives. It’s a necessary evil that people might find unsettling (such as his ex-wife, who divorced him because of his snake obsession).

I can’t think of anyone who would voluntarily do this kind of work, but I guess that’s why he’s dedicated his life to it. I’m just glad that this guy’s braver than the rest of us.

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