Some Praying Mantises Apparently Have A Taste For Human Flesh

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The praying mantis is one of the most noble and brutal members of the animal kingdom. Normally, the wrath of this deadly insect is reserved for other bugs (and the occasional hummingbird). However, mantises aren’t picky when it comes to getting their next meals. They will, if given the opportunity, happily feast upon human flesh.

The video below shows Redditor Blackaos123 allowing his pet praying mantis to briefly eat part of his finger during feeding time. Why someone would allow a creature to do that is a mystery, but I shall present the following video to you without further commentary.

Mild NSFW warning.

(source: Reddit)

That is insanely messed up. This is exactly how the apocalypse begins. The mantis gets a taste for human flesh, and then it gets exposed to radiation and grows to horrifying proportions. Before you know it, we have a race of giant killer mantises to deal with.

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