She Dropped Toothbrushes Into A Boiling Pot — What She Did With Them Is Brilliant

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If you’re like me, every time you get free toothbrushes from the dentist, instead of actually using them, you just hoard them.

I have my electric brush that I’ll use until it dies on me. So what do I do with those colorful plastic brushes? Well, up until today, I just kept them for traveling. But I know that I’m going to definitely use a few of them for this cool craft.

Grab a pot, fill it with some water, remove your brushes’ bristles with some pliers, and throw them into the boiling bath…

That’s so simple! Plus, these are an adorable way to add a dash of color to just about any outfit. No one will ever guess they’re made out of toothbrushes!

For other awesome DIY ideas, check out Katrinaosity’s YouTube channel.

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