In The Middle Of A Desert, You’ll Find Something From A Bizarre Dreamworld

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The desert is a barren wasteland that is devoid of water and life. Very few plants grow in deserts, very few animals live there, and even fewer humans call them home. But that doesn’t mean that incredible things don’t happen in arid lands around the world.

This is the Empty Quarter Desert — the largest continuous desert in the world. A bizarre natural phenomenon has started to occur there. A river of sand has started flowing through this wasteland, and it’s as confusing as it is beautiful.

Some people believe that a flash flood might be the culprit. They hypothesize that water is flowing just under the surface, making the sand move. Check it out for yourself:

The explanation may be shaky, but one thing’s for sure: this phenomenon has certainly created a buzz. People are investigating it and trying to figure out what’s going on. Regardless of what’s making it happen, I think the sand river is really rad.

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