They Were Just Watching TV When All Of A Sudden His Laptop Burst Into Flames — OMG!

Computers are expensive, so it makes sense that we want them to last as long as possible.

Usually after three or four years it’s time to get a new one. Four-year-old computers are often on their last legs, but even if your computer is slowing down, you would probably never consider it to be a danger.

One father and son found out just how dangerous old electronics can be when they plugged in the teenager’s four-year-old Dell laptop. They were just sitting watching television when the computer burst into flames. But that’s not all…

Watch as the computer continues to catch fire even after it’s been brought outside. This is insane!

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Wow. I’m so glad neither of them got hurt in the fire. Share this to remind others that older electronics can be dangerous and to consider replacement when they show signs of wear.

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