If You’re Afraid Of Water, You Might Not Want To Watch This Diving Footage

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Even for experienced divers, the idea of taking a nighttime plunge into the deep blue sea is a terrifying notion. Sure, you have a headlamp, but all that gives you is a tiny beam of light in a seemingly endless pool of darkness.

Luckily for us, GoPro cameras exist so that we can let much more adventurous people go diving for us, while we sit at home in our pajamas and watch it all unfold. Take this video of a few divers plunging into the Red Sea, for example. Better them than me.

Fun fact: The Red Sea is actually relatively shallow. About 40 percent of this body of water is less than 330 feet deep. For a guy who has never been in water deeper than eight feet, however, that still sounds pretty intense.

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/red-sea-diving/

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