These Friends Might Be An Unlikely Pair, But They’re Definitely Adorable

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Anyone who’s ever visited a wildlife reserve knows that approaching the animals is generally frowned upon. Even if you’re a park ranger, you’d be ill-advised to waltz up to bears and wolves in an attempt to make friends.

And moose have a particularly bad rap when it comes to spending time with humans. After all, these creatures are huge, and we probably shouldn’t bother them on their own turf. That’s what makes this relationship so special. One woman who works for the Alaskan Wildlife Conservation Center has formed a particularly strong bond with a moose that she’s known for many years, and the two love spending time together every day.

Watching them get their snuggle on makes me kind of jealous, honestly.

While I certainly don’t recommend trying to pal around with 1,500-pound animals in the wild, this particular anomaly is undeniably cute. To learn more about the animals at the Alaskan Wildlife Conservation Center, visit the organization’s website.

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