She Melted Bubble Gum And Vaseline In The Microwave To Create Something So Fun

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If there’s one thing that Rachel Levin of Rclbeauty101 is known for, it’s turning things that she already has at home into makeup for absolutely no reason. While things like homemade bronzer slime might sound a little weird, there’s something to be said for this makeup guru’s humor and ingenuity.

If you want to create something that’ll really make you stand out, check out what she whips up with some bubble gum and Vaseline. Dare to be different when it comes to cosmetics, and give this project a try!

This project takes way more work than going to Sephora and grabbing a tube of purple lipstick, but it’s way cheaper, and way more fun.

To see more of Levin’s quirky tips and tricks, be sure to check out her YouTube channel and follow her on Instagram!

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