Seconds Into This Time-Lapse Video Of Our Galaxy, Something Fascinating Happens

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It’s easy to forget how small we are as we navigate the hustle and bustle of daily life. In fact, the phenomenon often surpasses ignorance of our minuteness and morphs into inflated egoism, but the second we peel our eyes away from our phone screens and cast our downward gazes up into space, this smallness becomes all too apparent.

Over the past few weeks, our galaxy has been making waves with stories of new celestial bodies and planetary alignments, and as such, our ignorant bliss has been interrupted in the best way. But if that doesn’t make you feel small, check out this time-lapse footage. About 11 seconds in, the video is punctuated by something incredible.

Although it’s by no means an unfamiliar phenomenon, the Aurora Borealis never fails to drive home the fact that our little planet is part of something immense. In the grand scheme of things, we might be tiny blips on the radar — but the fact that we’re privy to so much beauty makes our position feel pretty extraordinary.

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