Magnet Fishing Is A Thing, And You Can Discover Some Pretty Wild Stuff Doing It

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Have you ever heard of magnet fishing? I hadn’t either until I saw this footage. Magnet fishing is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Instead of using live bait to catch fish, you use a magnet to find lost treasures.

It sounds a little strange, but you never know what you might find in the process. Take, for example, what these guys discovered in the video below. They pulled off to the side of the road to see what they could find at the bottom of a small stream. Instead of pulling up old jewelry and coins, they found something a little more sinister.

How did those even get there?

(via Reddit)

Now that’s a hobby I can get behind. I’ve long suspected that there might be old coins at the bottom of the pond near my parents’ house. I guess it’s time to find some magnets.

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