Horrifying Video Captures Two-Year-old Child Hanging Out The Back Of A Convertible

In the U.S., it is required that all children under the age of five remain in a car seat or use a booster seat until they are tall enough or old enough to properly fit into a seatbelt.

As one truck driver proves in this roadside video, apparently laws like these don’t exist in New Zealand (or people just don’t obey them). As the man followed a red convertible down a busy highway, he quickly noticed a small child — not much older than two — hanging over the back of the car, standing on the back seat.

When he drove up, he discovered something even more terrifying: an adult woman, one would assume is the kid’s mother, sitting in the backseat completely unfazed by her young child’s dangerous stunt.

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What was this woman thinking? Share this video as a reminder that car safety laws are put in place for a reason!

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