When She Sees What The Humans Are Doing, This Pup Decides To Join The Fun!

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Ask any dog and it’ll tell you humans have a hard time appreciating the fun things in life.

We eat the most delicious food and yet we insist on using weird tools instead of just digging in. We drive cars but never want to stick our heads out the window. And the real kicker? We own houses but only go to the bathroom in ONE room!

Well, Titti the Jack Russell terrier has no problem taking the reins and showing her human friends how to kick back and let loose. When it comes to this particular swimming hole in Malta, Italy, this daredevil dog thinks people should be — you guessed it — swimming, not sunning!

Titti, who’s now seven, and her owner Carmelo Abela have become quite the tourist attraction at St. Peter’s Pool in Malta.

I hope Titti inspires you to appreciate life as much as a dog does…except for when it comes to the bathroom. Definitely don’t drink out of the toilet!

Go Titti, go!

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