This Bird Once Had To Live In Isolation, But Luckily, She Now Has The Cutest Buddies

It’s not very often that you see a live bird without any feathers at all, but for the owners of these lovebirds, it’s a normal, everyday sight.

Lemon and Indi from West Palm Beach, Florida, are a very special pair, not only because they share a close bond with each other, but because they both have psittacine beak and feather disease, a rare and ultimately fatal condition that has caused Lemon to become completely bald. Because the disease is highly contagious, Lemon has to be kept in isolation — but she’s never alone thanks to Indi.

Lemon used to have a full set of feathers, but as her disease progressed…

…she unfortunately lost them all.

But she’s happy in the caring hands of her owner, Fabiana Guagliardo…

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