You Know How Happy You Are When You Get A Package In The Mail? This Dog Gets It

While Christmas only comes once a year, receiving a package in the mail might just be the next best thing in the meantime.

Part of the fun of ordering something online is waiting on your doorstep for even the tiniest glimpse of the mail man, UPS, or Fedex driver, and that excitement is nearly doubled when a package arrives from a friend or relative that you had no idea was coming. But humans aren’t the only ones who get excited for mail. When this precious pup sniffs out a package just for her, she can’t help but go absolutely gaga.

Haley Jade was minding her own business when her owner brought in a package.

After sniffing about for a few minutes, Haley confirms the package is for her and gets to work on unwrapping her surprise.

Using her mouth and paws, Haley begins violently tearing apart the parcel.

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With a snowfall of shredded packaging, she finally gets her surprise!

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