She Was Out In The Woods With Her Dog When She Came Face-To-Face With A Nightmare

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Anyone who’s seen the Terminator movie franchise has got to be at least a little scared of the idea of robots taking over the world. Of course, these fears are easily dismissed by the fact that the field of robotics is still pretty primitive in many ways.

Then again, that isn’t stopping companies like the Google-owned Boston Dynamics from experimenting with robots.

The Atlas is one of Boston Dynamics’ most sophisticated creations and is capable of traversing a variety of different terrains. As impressive as that sounds, imagine encountering this thing while out for a nice stroll in the forest…

Talk about a terrifying and unexpected encounter.

(via Unexplained Mysteries)

While the Atlas might be advanced by our current robotics standards, it’s nowhere near Skynet levels of intelligence…at least not yet.

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