Alien invasion? Californians tweet about giant fireball in the sky [video, pics]!/joyxlauren/status/398296590361710592

Yesterday evening, Twitter users up and down the coast of California tweeted that they saw a very fast, very bright flash in the sky. Some say it was a meteor that broke up into several pieces; others say it was the beginning of an alien invasion. The latter might have been smoking something.!/breakingweather/status/398328112171458560!/KFINEWS/status/398307989230071808!/abb_boyy/status/398337551531905024!/KellyOrange/status/398327501056778241!/EliBraden/status/398296619893784576!/TheBrianTabor/status/398299118239375360!/TypicalKimm/status/398330037675384832!/peroopunk/status/398299709695328256!/indeciSEAN/status/398301222488518657

Well, a few people posted photos, but we can’t vouch for their authenticity:!/snerko/status/398340593312489472!/katgeorgechu/status/398330631999873026!/BradGorman/status/398325466610036736

Of course, we at Twitchy will continue to speak out against illegal immigration. If, however, last night’s aliens came here legally, then we welcome our new galactic alien overlords.

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