Boeing 777 crashes at San Francisco International Airport [photos]!/starrstruck/status/353582346588536832

Plumes of smoke were visible over San Francisco International Airport today after a Boeing 777 arriving from Taipei Seoul, South Korea, crashed and burst into flames.!/kristaseiden/status/353581509984260099!/kristaseiden/status/353590312884637696!/starrstruck/status/353582715968290816!/NewsBreaker/status/353588546252181504!/kristaseiden/status/353592428629995520!/360KID/status/353583635959525376!/stefanielaine/status/353583074417717248!/stefanielaine/status/353591123958173696!/stefanielaine/status/353595954819117056

Here’s a tweet from someone who claims to have been on board.!/Eunner/status/353592664526028801

Update: Reports say that the flight had arrived from Seoul, South Korea.!/bubbaprog/status/353587225121931265

Writer Neil Gaiman is among those whose planes were diverted and learned from Twitter what was going on.!/neilhimself/status/353594191911194624!/tabin/status/353595188171644931!/CaptTouchback/status/353598766802165760

Despite what looks to have been an intense fire, early (and unconfirmed) reports say there were miraculously no fatalities.!/Emily/status/353598745394413570

#SFO Update:
303 SOB. All 303 accounted for.
SFFD 3rd Alarm + RED Alert
SMCFD 3rd Alarm
Asiana Flight 214 from Seoul— SoCal Fire and EMS (@SoCalEMSFire) July 06, 2013

#SFO Update
One critical injury thus far. Airlifted to San Fran General Hospital
Many others with burns.
Currently no fatalities.— SoCal Fire and EMS (@SoCalEMSFire) July 06, 2013

Here’s another video from user @360KID showing the volume of smoke coming from the downed plane.

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At a press conference at 7:15 p.m. Eastern, San Francisco’s fire chief said emergency responders were still “working the numbers,” and Mayor Edwin Lee noted that some of the 291 passengers and 16 crew members were unaccounted for. Two fatalities were confirmed.!/stevebruskCNN/status/353653957404532737!/MaeveReston/status/353653984914972672!/MaeveReston/status/353654288993624064

The airline has established an emergency phone number for families seeking information.!/usembassyseoul/status/353666210866540545

Update: All passengers accounted for:!/AP/status/353711007228637184

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