Here Are 14 Clever Ways To Keep Bugs Out Of Your Yard This Summer

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Raise your hand if you hate mosquitoes, ants, ticks, and spiders!

Okay, so everyone probably hurt their shoulder throwing their hands up…and we’re right there with you!

Since it’s finally the summer, these pesky pests are about to come out in full force. In an effort to make your time outdoors a little more enjoyable (and bug-free) this season, here are a few awesome tricks to try that will keep the creepy-crawlies at bay.

1. Get rid of pesky ants with this mixture of borax and corn syrup.

2. Spray a wasps’ nest with peppermint oil, dish soap, and water to kill them.

3. Slice open a few lemons and push cloves into them. Set them by your food when you’re outdoors and the bugs will stay away.

4. Make your own bug spray with this simple mix.

5. Use LED bulbs as your porch lights — bugs are less attracted to them and won’t hang around as much at night.

6. Make a mosquito trap out of yeast, brown sugar, and water.

7. Put epsom salts around your garden plants to get rid of snails and slugs.

8. Johnson’s Baby Creamy Oil doubles as an insect repellant!

9. Put a bunch of sage leaves in your grill to keep mosquitoes away.

10. Make your own citronella candles in orange peels!

11. You can also plant citronella plants in your yard. Let them flourish to deter pesky bugs.

12. If you run out of bug spray, Cool Mint Listerine will do the trick…you’ll just have to reapply a bit more frequently.

13. Avoid wearing dark colors like black, blue, and red. Mosquitoes are attracted to them and they also make you hotter — bugs are drawn to warmer bodies.

14. Tie lavender, sage, and mint bundles together and carry them with you for when you need to keep mosquitoes away.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and enjoy the summer…WITHOUT the fear of getting bitten every five seconds.

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