Heartbroken Couple Lost Their Dog On A Hike. Then One Call Changed Everything.

Larry Osborne and Anouk Patel were enjoying a hike through the mountains of Colorado with their 14-year-old dog Chloe when Chloe managed to get loose and run away.

Searching high and low, Osborne and Patel were determined to find their lost pup no matter the cost. After six weeks of searching and countless posts on social media, these pet owners had finally started to lose faith that their beloved pet would ever come home. Having read about Chloe and her owners on a Facebook forum, total strangers Sean Nicols and Trinity Smith made the decision to join the rescue efforts.

Over the course of two days Smith and Nicols patrolled the mountains looking and listening for any signs of the pup.

Eventually, Smith heard a whimpering noise that she believed to be Chloe. That said, the noise was coming from somewhere that was really hard to access.

The two prepared for what turned out to be a pretty serious climb that night and returned the next morning to retrieve the pup in need.

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