Something Rare And Beautiful Is Bringing Death Valley Back To Life

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Life is something of which Death Valley is fittingly devoid.

This Californian wasteland is the hottest, driest place in North America, so it makes sense that the presence of anything verdant would cause a stir. The rangers who spend each day roaming the many acres of Death Valley National Park are thrilled to announce that a natural phenomenon known as a “super bloom” is on the horizon.

Roughly every 10 years or so, all of the life that’s lying in wait springs into action. Under the right conditions, thousands and thousands of seeds sitting on the floor of Death Valley take root and bloom into a sight without rival.

According to Ranger Alan Van, “When you get the perfect conditions — the perfect storm, if you will — those seeds can all sprout at once.”

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This super bloom is attracting visitors from across the country who want to marvel at a scene that may not roll around again for another decade.

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If you want more information about the phenomenon that’s injecting life back into the desert with a famously morbid moniker, Van has you covered.

(via The Huffington Post)

What’s most impressive about this super bloom is that something so powerful managed to spring from a place of fragility. If the region had experienced one fewer storm, or had even spent one more hour shrouded in cloud cover over the past few months, this might not have happened. It further proves that nature’s every move is part of a delicate balance.

To learn more about Death Valley National Park, be sure to visit its website.

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