He Was Taking A Ride Through The Woods When He Noticed A Small White Box…

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A motorcycle enthusiast by the name of Warosumen was taking a ride when he noticed something odd.

The forest trail he was using was very isolated, so when he came upon a white cardboard box, it seemed very out of place. He stopped to investigate, but what he found inside broke his heart.

As he got close to the box, a small kitten poked its head out of a hole in the top. Then, he struggled to get free.

The man opened up the box, only to find six abandoned kittens inside of varying ages.

These kittens were left in such an isolated place, they weren’t meant to be found.

Since the man was driving a motorcycle, he didn’t have a great way to transport the kittens to safety. So, he did what he could with what he had: a shoulder bag. He placed the kittens inside, strapped them to himself, and drove home.

Once home, he did his best to care for the little fuzzballs.

The automated narration in the video is quite common with Japanese YouTubers who would like to remain anonymous.

Being an animal lover (and dog owner) himself, the man knew he had to get the kittens fed and hydrated. The older ones were happy to nibble on his dog food, but the two younger ones needed extra help. Unfortunately, one passed away from his conditions, but the rest are now happy and healthy in their own homes (via RocketNews).

This guy is a hero!

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