What This Guy Can Do With A Deck Of Cards Seems Too Crazy To Be Real

When it comes to card tricks, we’re all pretty used to what happens.

Someone will have you pick a card, shuffle through the deck, do something totally strange with it, and then somehow determine which card was yours. It’s basic magic, and heck, I still don’t know how they do it the majority of the time.

What I didn’t know is that there are people out there who take card tricks to a whole new level, even using them to make throwing stars and pull off impressive stunts. Check out what I mean below.

Rick Smith Jr. is a magician and entertainer who loves blowing people away with his card tricks. Here, he’s knocking over a bottle with just the flick of the wrist.

He can aso slice a banana in half with his magic touch.

He can even cut the flame off of a candle. Basically, his tricks seem too amazing to be real.

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Youtube / Dude Perfect

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Okay, I’m convinced that magic is real. Want to see more? He has a YouTube channel you can find here

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/card-trick-shots/

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