Big Wind can save the U.S. Postal Service!!/DarrellIssa/status/195243713809760256

No, really! See, it’s totally simple! Here’s how it works:

The wind blows. A lot. You with us? OK. So. We use that wind to generate electricity. We store that electricity in batteries. Like, vehicle batteries.

And where does one find lots of vehicles? Why, the USPS! The USPS fleets are currently made up of “old, in some cases dilapidated” trucks. What we do is, we replace those dinosaurs with new trucks that run on wind-powered batteries.

Get it? No? Well, perhaps Sen. Tom Carper can do a better job of explaining it:

It’s moments like this when we know we can truly be proud of our government.

"That's an idea that's sort of out there" – @SenatorCarper on his own idea to help save #USPS w/ wind farms: #postal

— Darrell Issa (@DarrellIssa) April 25, 2012

Sen Carper one ups his fellow colleague from Delaware (Sen Coons) by calling for wind farms to bail out the US Postal Service, God save us!

— Steven Coplon (@stevecoplon) April 25, 2012

Don Quixote approves MT @ellencarmichael: Sen. Carper proposes expanding federal funding for windmills to power US Postal Service fleet.

— M.L. Huisman (@ML_Huisman) April 25, 2012

@SenatorCarper How about to save the USPS we don't use wind. We use cutbacks. Like half the jobs in DC

— Brad Robinson (@BradJRobinson) April 25, 2012

Sen. Carper(D-DE):"Save the US Postal Service w/ Wind Farms" Right after he'll propose balancing the budget w/ corn nuts & balloon animals.

— Jim Amato (@TekJim) April 25, 2012

See our plan to save #USPS at no gimmicks, no bailouts, no wind farms. Just letting #Postal Service adapt & update

— Darrell Issa (@DarrellIssa) April 25, 2012

Now, now, Rep. Issa. Don’t be so quick to write off Sen. Carper’s idea. Mayhaps D.C. can be ground zero for testing! There’s always plenty of wind coming outta there.

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