Could This Footage Be Proof That Bigfoot Actually Exists? We’ll Let You Be The Judge

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When a camera was mounted to a tree near Platte River State Fish Hatchery, it was only meant to broadcast the inside of a bald eagle’s nest.

But the live cam set up by Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources captured much more than baby eaglets — in fact, people even believe that its footage is proof of the existence of a mythological animal.

About 30 miles away from Traverse City, Michigan, the CarbonTV Eagle Cam picked up a dark, tall figure walking upright on the ground below the nest, which some claim is the legendary Bigfoot.

It definitely doesn’t look like a bear to me.

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Like I’ve said before, it’s easy nowadays to fabricate practically anything — but I have to admit that this is pretty interesting. What do you think it is?

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