Adorable 90-Year-Old Proves She’s Still Got It As Men Line Up For A Dance

Back in the 1940s, iconic swing dancer and actress Jean Veloz was gracefully moving her way on and off the big screen, appearing in Hollywood movies and performing exhibition ballroom dancing with her partner and husband, Frank.

She eventually retired in 1981 after Frank passed away, but was coaxed back into the world of dancing 11 years later when another swing dancer encouraged her to come out of retirement. She’s been immersed in her biggest passion ever since, and she’s proven that nothing will get in her way — not even old age!

In 2014, Veloz celebrated her 90th birthday in Thailand, doing what she loved the most.

Young men lined up for their turn to dance with her, and when they got it, she didn’t disappoint.

Veloz dazzled the audience and her partners alike, making sure they all knew she’s definitely still got it.

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