This May Very Well Be The Most Intense Car Chase Of All Time…Buckle Up!

Getting pulled over is usually a pretty serious matter.

After all, you usually get caught at just the worst times. You were only speeding a little or your stupid taillight was out. Not only are you stuck with a hefty fine, but those actions go on your driving record and could affect you down the road.

One police officer in Canada, however, made getting a ticket fun for a three-year-old boy he saw out one day driving in his toy truck.

Nathan Snow, along with his Pomeranian Lacey, are making the exact face we all make when we’re waiting on the side of the road for the police officer to come to the window.

The officer even wrote Nathan a ticket with the only note being “Too Fast!”

Nathan’s mom says the toddler didn’t entirely understand what was going on, but he appreciated the officer’s kind sense of humor. Check out other rogue drivers like Nathan in the video below.

Youtube / Inside Edition

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