Amazing Dance Performance Will Give You Feelings About Growing Up

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Dance is more than just a series of movements. In some instances, it can also be an alternative form of storytelling.

Contemporary dance is my absolute favorite style of dance for that reason. Choreographers and performers alike delve deep into their own lives and the lives of others and pull inspiration for their routines from these experiences. The art form is all about transforming these stories into movements and taking your audience on an emotional journey.

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When the producers of “So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation” paired ten-year-old J.T. with seasoned pro Robert, it’s hard to believe that such an age gap could be beneficial to pulling off the perfect routine. J.T. and Robert proved everyone wrong when they blew the judges away with an emotional story of an adult man looking into the mirror and seeing his younger self staring right back.

These two are simply incredible. It’s amazing how dance can make you feel so many different emotions in a two minute routine. Great job, guys. Keep doing what you do!

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