When He Saw These Two Swans Tangled Together, He Knew He Needed To Help

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In Latvia, two men were walking near the Mazā Jugla River when they noticed something in the distance. It was a white blur in the water, but they couldn’t quite make out what it was, so they moved in closer.

When they discovered that the mass of feathers was two swans with their necks and wings so tangled they were unrecognizable, the men knew they had to help. Male swans tend to get their necks locked together during battles over territory, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need help getting untangled.

Watch the selfless rescue below!

Now that they’re free, these swans can go back to being their graceful, elegant selves. Maybe they’ve seen the error of their brutish ways and won’t be battling for territory anymore…but probably not. Circle of life, I guess!

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