Need A Fun Gift For The Kids? This DIY Block Set Lets You Give It A Personal Touch.

Step inside any toy store and you’re bound to find the perfect Christmas or birthday presents for your little ones.

But if you’re looking for something a bit more personal, this DIY-er has the project for you. Tinker-type toys are always a blast because they allow for so much creativity, inspiring kids to use their imaginations to bring countless designs to fruition. With this in mind, YouTuber Jonny Builds used power tools, wood boards and dowels to craft his own set, complete with a cute chest for storage.

Using a miter saw, he first cut 25 small blocks out of a pine board.

Then he drilled holes on each side of every block.

Smoothing out the sides was made easy with his belt sander.

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Next came the dowels, all of which he cut down to four inches.

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Moving on to the chest, the crafter cut four pieces of plywood, gluing them together then attaching the top and bottom pieces the same way.

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Once it dried, he cut off the top, creating a lid for the box.

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With the addition of hinges for the lid, the chest was complete.

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Now his kids can tinker away to their heart’s desires. The best part? They can use these as building blocks, too!

Imgur / jonnybuilds

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