It Looks Like Someone Just Caught Footage Of Bigfoot Via Drone

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Is Bigfoot real? You’d think that after all these years of searching, we would be a little closer to a real answer, but that’s just not the case. If this new drone footage is to be believed, however, we might be closer than ever to getting some answers about this mysterious cryptid.

Earlier this month, an Idaho resident was out flying his drone in the wilderness when he captured what looks like it might be the real, genuine Bigfoot. Upon reviewing the video, the man saw a large, hairy creature of some kind appear and then run away into the forest. Sadly for us, he didn’t notice quickly enough to get a close-up shot.

The creature appears about 25 seconds in.

(via Coast To Coast AM)

I really want to believe that this is Bigfoot, but I’ve been burned by conspiracy videos before. I’m honestly not sure how to feel. What do you think?

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