If You Have Kids, You’ll Be Able To Identify With This Hilarious Parody Video

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I don’t have kiddos of my own, but judging by how much I detest cleaning my tiny apartment that’s home to two grown adults, I can imagine that cleaning a house full of little ones isn’t exactly a good time.

Unless you make it one, that is. These parents decided to get seriously sassy about their cleaning woes by turning “Love Yourself” by the Biebs into a version of the track that I probably wouldn’t mind hearing incessantly.

From “six-day-old pee” to budding urges to hoard everything in sight, this mom-dad duo covers it all (with the addition of some seriously impressive dance moves).

Like I said, I’m childless, but this still speaks to me on a spiritual level.

Let’s hope for Mom’s sake that these kids take a hint and start dealing with that backpack banana situation ASAP. What are the nastiest presents your kids have ever left you?

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