Let Your Cats Claim Their Rightful Place As Master With This Epic Kitty Furniture

When it comes to living with cats, our precious pets have this idea in their heads that they rule the roost. And they have that idea because they’re correct.

If you’ve ever tried to get comfortable on your couch after a hard day at work and have been interrupted by your tiny fur ball trying to steal your spot, you’re not alone. For whatever reason cats aren’t satisfied with their scratching posts or animal beds, and instead insist on sitting where their humans sit.

Taking notice of this desire to live like the humans do, one Japanese furniture maker has set out to create a line of products just for felines.

Art collective Okawa Kagu have just unveiled their own collection of furniture just for cats.

These miniature versions of existing pieces are the perfect accessory for any home in which cats rule the roost (so any home with cats, really).

The scaled-down pieces were unveiled in a new campaign called “Craftsman MADE.”

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The campaign hopes to shed light on the area of Fukuoka, a tiny hub of professional craftsmen specializing in traditional crafts. The small town is home to 150 furniture manufacturing factories.

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The cat furniture is already taking off and will be exhibited in the city’s tourism and information center.

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