Powerful Anti-Drunk Driving Ad Of A Prisoner Sharing His Story Will Get You Thinking

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Kris Caudilla is serving a 15-year prison sentence for killing a police officer in 2010. He was driving under the influence of alcohol at the time and drove the wrong way down a road, slamming into a sheriff’s deputy’s car. Caudilla was charged with a DUI and manslaughter – he was just 26 at the time.

In an attempt to encourage others not to get in a vehicle after drinking, Caudilla teamed up with the Highway Safety Advocates for an incredible project. His image appears to patrons in a bar bathroom in Los Angeles. Watch as he tells them his regretful story and pleads with them not to get behind the wheel.

It’s a powerful and sobering video that really gets you thinking.

If Caudilla stopped just one person from driving home that night, he did his job.

Hopefully, this message hits home in a relevant way and gives people the courage to intervene when they know someone is about to drive drunk.

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