A Girl Revealed On Twitter That She Was Dying. Her Final Messages Are Absolutely Heartbreaking.

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Twitter user @TrappedAtMyDesk’s real name is Amanda, and her last name was never revealed. In January of 2013, she received news that people fear more than anything. She updated her Twitter to tell her followers some grim news: she had brain cancer. The tweets that soon followed were both inspirational and heartbreaking, all documenting the last months of her life.

Blogger Shannon McKarney noticed Amanda’s tweets and gathered them together. She wanted to tell Amanda’s incredible tale. (Video at the bottom of this article)

In January 2013, Amanda told her Twitter followers that she received bad news from her doctors.

She had brain cancer. She updated her Twitter with sincere and absolutely heartbreaking reactions.

She said she quit her job. She thought it was pointless to work for the last three months of her life.

The thoughts Amanda had during her last months on this earth were put on Twitter.

She traveled around the world, but had to go home when she started to get sick.

“Tomorrow, I go back into the hospital for the last time.” The sadness and finality in her tweets is heartbreaking.

In April, 2013, her brother James updated her account, letting people know Amanda had passed away.

“Be good to each other.” More people should follow Amanda’s wise advice.

This is the tribute video that Shannon put together to honor Amanda’s life:

Watching someone go through such a painful transition is heartbreaking. Her worries, hopes and musings are now immortalized on Twitter, giving the world a glimpse of what it’s like to go through something so terrible and life-changing.

Source: twitter.com

Hopefully Amanda found peace in her final days. Click below to share her tragic story with others.

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