Watching This Baby Panda Try To Take Its First Steps Will Make You Giggle

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When it comes to milestones, the moment babies learn to walk is probably the biggest.

Once you learn to stop crawling and can balance on two legs, there’s no stopping you.

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This monumental event isn’t just celebrated by humans. In the animal kingdom, learning to walk is just as important. That being said, these moments usually aren’t graceful. This little panda knows a thing or two about that. You’ll get a serious case of the giggles when you watch this cub hobble around.

“I’m just gonna give this one last try.”

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“So close, I can almost taste it.”

“I’m over this whole walking thing.”

Like they say, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”

Don’t worry bud! You’ll get it one day.

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