Cashier Fights Off Gun-Toting Robber With Bare Hands — Wins At Life

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Did you know that convenience store heists account for more than six percent of all robberies the cops respond to?

When you think about how there are only about 135,000 of the establishments in the U.S., that percentage seems outrageously high. That’s taking into account every type of robbery — home burglary, street theft, the list goes on.

That’s why convenience store cashiers have one of the most dangerous jobs. But as we’ve seen before, they are not to be messed with either. Then again, few are as gutsy as Bhumika Patel, who was manning the register at a Keysville, Georgia, convenience store on March 1. A man came in, started to pay for his items, and then pulled a gun on Patel…

She fought him off with her HANDS. And then she went to finish the job with a hammer! When I grow up, I want to be just like Patel.

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