They Claim That They Received A Message From A Demon, And They Might Be Right

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One of the most terrifying things about the technological world that we now live in is that ghosts and demons seem to have found ways to torment us via phone. Take, for example, the story of Redditor digiwarfare.

According to digiwarfare, he and a few friends were hanging out last month when one of them received a text from an unknown number. Attached to the message was an untitled audio file. Not knowing what else to do, he played it for his friends. What they heard was absolutely nightmarish.

WARNING: This recording is loud, so turn your speakers down before playing the video.

(source: Reddit)

So is this real or not? As someone with experience making and recording music, I know for a fact that something like this could easily be created on Pro Tools. But just because it could be fake doesn’t mean that it is.

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